Maiju Pohjanheimo




Linko plays contemporary  folk music with influences from jazz and improvisation or, as Maarit calls it, Folk' n Jazz. How does it sound?

The producer and the pianist, Timo Alakotila, is one of the most recognised Finnish composers and musicians in the international folk music scene. The music is mainly based on compositions of Maarit Saarenkunnas. The beautiful, naturally easy and playfull  sound of soprano saxophone is created by swedish-born Elias Frigård. Helsinki-based Heikki Saarenkunnas provides a tasteful and solid ground for the music with his double base. 



Otra is a group of musicians who draw from Finnish traditional music and poetry, adding contemporary spices to it.


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Kaarne started as an improvisation group, which got together two to three times a year to have fun with the wildly creative elements in music. Playing with sounds, melodies and harmonies was such fun that Mari Applegren, Mari Kiirikki, Katariina Rautiainen, Laura Siitonen and Maarit decided to continue as a vocal ensemble . Wild improvisations are still an important part of their music making.